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  1. I’m watching it.
    I’m actually enjoying it a lot. The drama’s pretty good and has gone in directions I didn’t expect. They brought his wife and kid in on it, and they aren’t doing a stupid drama thing where him and Livia have a stupid relationship drama going.

    On the other hand, they moved the You’re Insane drama to his brother, which is a bit irritating.

    But yeah, good how.

  2. Also watching…
    What those two ^ said. It’s a good, solid show with a good cast; well worth watching. Also, I’m waiting for Dan to wear a blue turtle-neck and coat, steal his brother’s car, and get into a high-speed chase. With a Charger. Awesome.

  3. Watching it so far..
    I’ve been watching the show and it has been surprisingly good, though I’ve yet to see this week’s one. I catch it on nbc’s online viewer thingy. On the other hand I pay for Chuck on iTunes..

  4. Definitely watching it.
    Its a very good solid show, well done and with some well developed, believable and mostly likable characters. I really like Dan and his family and actually find myself getting a little emotionally invested in his plight.

    So far, they haven’t done anything dumb with the show. I know someone referenced moving the "you are insane" thing to his brother, and I actually like that angle. I am irritated by his brother, but in a good way. He is a nosy busybody that really means well, he is being a big brother. I mean, if your little brother started acting wierd, disappearing at odd times and then starts talking about going back in time, what would YOU think?

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