As a side effect of Marvel’s new Digital Comics initiative, they have chosen not to renew the GIT Corp license to release DVD-ROM content, according to this article. My personal thoughts follow below. UPDATED: I added the forgotten link to the Iron Man collection.

I find this really disappointing. The digital comic format Marvel provides is not downloadable, less responsive than PDF, and does not include the original ads and the like. It’s also nice to have access to the library when I don’t have Internet access, such as when I’m on a plane. Finally, when I buy a DVD-ROM, I know that I’ll have access to all of those issues indefinitely. With this new, the cancellations of the Daredevil and Thor collections has followed (though the Civil War and House of M collections are still coming; the loss of license is effective January 1, 2008.) I really, really enjoy this format, but once existing stock is sold out, there won’t be more, so I suggest completing your collections ASAP. Tales of Wonder ships internationally and is taking preorders on the House of M and Civil War collections. You can also pick most of them up at the following links:

I used the “feedback” link in the Newsarama article to tell Marvel what I thought of this decision. If you have strong opinions either way, please do the same.