Changes ahead for Smallville

One of the producers of Smallville has
announced that some stylistic changes are in
store for the second half of the season. With
any luck, that means no more (or fewer) formulaic
freak of the week episodes. Read about it here.

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  1. Bruce Wayne? YES!
    That would so kick ass, even if for just a little while. Bruce puttin’ the moves on Lana? That would be an interesting way for Clark to meet him…

    So far, I’ve enjoyed Smallville. Granted, the “kryptonite-induced freak-of-the-week” has gotten a little old, but it’s still early in the show and they need something to grab an audience with. For the Dawson’s Creek crowd, it’s Clark and Lana. For the sci-fi crowd, it’s the “Wall of Wierd.” Sooner or later, they’re going to have to pick their audience and go with it. The Clark and Lana stuff has been good (call me a sap for that unrequited love thing). The “Wall of Wierd” stuff has been mostly OK, but gets really close to the show realizing it’s a show.

    “We lost another Smallville High student or two or three this week and life just goes on as normal…”

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