Jericho Returns On Tuesday!!!

zonk3r writes, Jericho is coming back on air on Tuesday thanks to the efforts of the Nuts For Jericho group, the shows fans and CBS’s willingness to listen. Tell your friends to watch
so the show continues! More information at the Jericho site.

2 replies on “Jericho Returns On Tuesday!!!”

  1. Wheeee!
    This show is honey-roasted awesome. Sci-Fi channel seems to be playing season 1 today, check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

  2. good stuff
    that was a good nice start. i’m happy it’s back. hopefully ratings will allow it to stay on air. i’m a little worried though that it is now up against the second hour of american idol. i do think though that it was always placed in a bad time slot from the start because it isn’t really a kids show. it’s more of a 9p or 10p show imho. anyway good stuff.

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