3vi1 writes, Having seen Monster Hunters, I was excited to see the new series UFO Hunters. My excitement was short-lived, though: After watching only two episodes, I’m convinced. Convinced that I’ll never watch this unscientific tripe again.
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My main problem with the show is that they let Bill Birnes voice his conclusions to every investigation. Of the two episodes I’ve seen, none of the evidence points to an alien presence whatsoever, yet Mr. Birnes presents every mundane detail as if it were irrefutable proof of something extraordinary. This is obviously a guy who has invested so much into area of UFO phenomena that he is working with blinders on.

Mr. Birnes takes every word of every witness as gospel, and makes non-sequitur associations: To paraphrase, the team says things like “If we find the plane with the windshield intact, the pilot must have been removed by aliens”. Not once does he say “Hey, maybe this guy killed his cousin and ditched the plane on purpose.”

The science of the show is also very shoddy. If you saw the episode with the foreign object in the guys leg, you’re probably wondering (as am I) why they didn’t use their “signal detector” in the same room while the guy was not present to determine if those frequencies might be coming from other equipment. This probably accounts for why the “object” (just a lump of iron) wasn’t broadcasting frequencies after it was removed (and tested in a different location).

If you detected a signal coming from an “alien implant”, wouldn’t you say “Whoa whoa whoa… let’s not remove this yet – let’s record the signals so that we can analyze exactly what it’s transmitting and receiving first”. I would. Any scientist would. The UFO Hunters don’t.

I love the idea that UFOs might be real. I’d love to see one. I’d love to watch any investigation that could seriously lead to progress in the field. I do not love, however, watching an incredibly shabby scientific process narrated with the wild rantings of someone who has obviously made the leap from science to faith.

It is only my opinion, but I feel that this is an incredibly bad show that portrays UFO enthusiasts in a bad light. But, don’t believe me – view the evidence and judge for yourself.