The Official Star Trek: Nemesis Press Release

Here it is

It lists the principle crew (our fearless seven), but no mention of who will play any of the villians. It does give a brief plot overview (at least the beginning of it).

Oddly, there’s no mention of Wil Wheaton in this release, but there was in a previous release. His website says to watch for him in Star Trek X. We’ll have to wait and see. There’s seems to be some really bad blood here (check out his FAQ on why he left).

I’ll try my darndest to keep everyone up-to-date as I get reliable information.

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  1. Damn…
    It looks like they have gone with the stupid “clone-o-picard” idea that I read a while back. I was hoping that was just a bad rumor; it sounds like a very bad idea on which to base a movie.

    Come on, get the Borg back. A massive assalt in retaliation to Janeway messing with their transit-tunnel hub. Give them some new, neat-o trick.

    Want Romulans? Hell, the Romulans are at risk from the Borg too (have been since one of the early TNG episodes), let that be the foundation for peace with them. Some nice epic battles, and some of that regenerative armor from the last Voyager. Janeway and Picard could vie for command of the counter-borg fleet. That would be fun to watch. Have the Borg somehow coopting the DS9 wormhole exit as an entry point for their fleet and a whole other set of fun possibilities open up (including the atemporal Sisko, pissed off that the Borgs messing with the celestial temple).

    Hell, that would be a much better movie than Picard vs. Picard Clone. Ick.

  2. hrm
    Is it just me, or does this sound like a premise from a bad William Shatner book? You know, like all the ones that he wrote after they killed Kirk off in Generations.. where he brought his character back to life and everything.


  3. Other Random “Nemesis” Stuff
    FilmForce is reporting that Captain Janeway, Guinan, and Lwaxana Troi are all going to make guest appearances (i.e. little tiny cameos) in “Nemesis.” And a couple other people have been cast in the movie, including Dina Meyer (the chick we’ve seen, erm, a bit more of than was strictly necessary in “Starship Troopers”).

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