3 replies on “Arthur C. Clarke dies at age 90”

  1. rip
    I’m really saddened by this. He was one of my favorite authors of all time.

    Childhood’s end was the first book I read of his and became a fan immediately. My fondest memories of his writing are the numerous short stories he published. He had a wonderful skill of presenting plausible science in a fictional setting. The first RAMA book is my favourite though. I hope they make it a movie some day.

    I hope to see a space elevator in my life time. God speed Mr. Clarke.

  2. .
    I know he was on record saying that he didn’t like being told this, but I’ve always enjoyed "Rescue Party".

    He will be missed.

  3. .
    When I was 13, I was taking this course thing, and one of the things we did was watch SciFi movies. We watched Star Wars, Alien, and 2001.

    After 2001, we all went to the instructor and pretty much went "What the HELL was that???" and he said "Read the book."

    By the next week, we all did. And we asked "What the hell was that???" again.

    I never stopped reading Clarke after that, and eventually I was old enough to understand 2001 (:

    RIP, Sir Clarke.

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