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  1. jharvey13 says:

    City of Lost Children

    Check out the French movie, “The City of Lost Children.” Ron Perlman plays One, a circus strong man. It’s kind of a fairy tale for adults – a scientist can not dream. He sends his minions to kidnap children in an attempt to steal their dreams. They kidnap One’s adopted brother. One goes after them, yada yada yada. It’s a wonderful movie – colorful, big scenery, reminds me of Tom Waits.

    Ron Perlman’s performance is good. His character is rather simple, which is aided by the performance in French, which he doesn’t speak (watch the DVD with commentary turned on). On the commentary, he comes across as a bright guy, and in the few other parts I’ve seen him in, he does a good job. Plus he has the brawn, bearing, and presence to play a good villian.

  2. MajesticFiles says:

    Great pick!
    Ron would be an excellent villian. He has quite a range, from the romantic Vincent in Beauty and the Beast, to his latest guest spot on The Tick, where he played Fiery Blaze (hysterical episode, if you missed it catch a re-run!)

    He has quite a distintive look, and I can imagine it would work well in a bad guy role, as would his low, rumbly voice.

    Ron has also been in Quest for Fire, Ice Pirates, and several others I’ve forgotten. Course, in Quest for Fire he didn’t need the makeup. Haha …just kiddin’ Ron!

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