Changes to one of DC Comic’s Top Five

This conversation, based on the contents of DC Universe #0 (which I forgot to pick up yesterday, but will get next week) really can’t go any further without spoilers. Click through to see the rest.

chad writes, In the past whenever super heroes came back to life after dying, I could always point to DC’s original Crisis on Infinite Earths and the death of the Flash (Barry Allen). Silly me, I should know by now that no comic-book character stays dead. Sci Fi Wire has an article that discusses the Barry’s return from the grave.

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  1. Yeah, and Bucky and Jason Todd have returned

    This reminds me of the return of Hal Jordan. They gave the character a meaningful ending to their story. They replaced him with a same-name character who was arguably more interesting. Then they brought him back.

    Then they expect fans to get excited over the next "Death of/Major Change to _________" story.

    Hey, maybe Marvel will match this by bringing back that awesome clone thing they did in Spider-man a few years back….

  2. DC Universe #0
    Picked up the comic today. Unless you’re an avid follower of 52 or the DC universe in general, I’d suggest not buying it. Although it is only $0.50…

    Check out Chad’s News

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