Eldhrin has gone AWOL, so we’re posting a discussion of the “Sine Qua Non” and “The Hub,” episodes which seem to be of a piece. We get Old Man fisticuffs, a Noble Gesture by the Old Man himself, Old Woman Visions, and a lot of questions:

1. WTF?
2. So Cylons can reproduce with each other?
3. Should Zarek, in fact, be president? Shouldn’t the Quorum have debated Lee’s appointment a bit more fiercely?
4. Would you take the advice of a lawyer with a dead cat?
5. Can the Hub never be reconstructed? The Cylons behave as though this is not merely difficult, but impossible. Why?
6. How many people chuckled over Baltar’s interactions with the Cylons, and how many saw them as further reason to wish Roslin had just let it bleed?
7.Could all of those times the Hybrid yells “jump,” be referencing a certain aquatic carnivore?