Metropolis Found

The long-lost missing footage from Fritz Lang’s 1927 SF classic, Metropolis has been discovered in Argentina.

The completed film was found drinking Mai Tais on the beach in Mar Del Plata has been sitting in the Buenos Aires film archives.

As of yet, there is no word on when a restored version of the film will be available for viewing.

2 replies on “Metropolis Found”

  1. This Is…
    ..A Very Big Deal indeed. Metropolis is a GREAT film even today. The animation (in both the word’s senses) of the evil Maria robot is the greatest SF movie scene of all time. Madonna’s remake of Metropolis is pretty darn good, too.

    • Re: This Is…
      I think I would agree with both statements.

      I’m looking forward to Kino’s cleanup, integration, and release of the further restored version.

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