Glitzy Space Elevator Commercial

joe__gee writes, This is *not* science fiction. The folks at Carbon Designs, Inc. have put together an amazing goosebump inspiring video. According to other pseudo-commercial sites, as well as the video, much of the technology required is now available.

I think I even saw a Babylon station in there somewhere.

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  1. Timeshredder says:

    Titanic find

    Maybe it’ll facilitate future vacations on Titan’s Great Lake— if you don’t mind your beaches a little on the chilly side.

  2. chad says:

    I agree that much of the core technology does exist, but I think it’s more of a matter of getting the technology to work. NASA’s power beaming and tether challenge has shown this to be the case. (More info about the challenge at The Spaceward Foundation.)

    Check out Chad’s News

  3. rickyjames says:

    Beanstalk Dreams
    Not to long ago I read what I thought was the best novel on tethers since Fountains of Paradise, namely David Gerrold’s Jumping off The Planet. It’s worth reading along with the other two sequels in that trilogy, even tho I wish Gerrold would busy himself finishing up the Chtorr series instead.

    I myself think that orbiting space junk will always render tethers a pipe dream. THo I wish otherwise.

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