Justice League Movie is back on track

Maybe it’s the success Marvel has been having lately on the big screen, but the crises-plagued JLA film appears to be a go once more, with filming to begin next year.

Most of the cast have yet to be confirmed. Who should play DC’s mightiest heroes?

And where is Plastic Man?

Where is Snapper Carr???

4 replies on “Justice League Movie is back on track”

  1. Avengers vs JLA
    I strongly suspect it’s because DC can see that they’re obviously building up to what should be an excellent Avengers movie, and they want their own piece of that pie.

  2. Marvel will trump DC on this
    Here’s the thing that Marvel has going for them. They are building their cast of Avengers with single movies, staring known actors. When they go to do the Avengers, we’ll know the back stories and what to expect from each character.

    DC on the other hand will most likely recast everyone (as IMDB suggests) instead of utilizing what they know what works (dark knight). I’m afraid this will have the quality and general feel of Smallville the movie. Heck, I would rather see them introduce the characters in Smallville and then use that cast for the JLA movie. Just get a writer and director who’s grittier and willing to do more than make "The OC with Super Powers!".

    Brought to you by Stride Gum, Toyota and the letter K.

  3. Wonder Woman…
    …will be played by model from down under.

    Pity they couldn’t build on Dark Knight and Superman Returns and use the same actors. It’s an odd fit, granted, with the tone of the current Batman films, but comic book universes have always been odd fits.

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