5 replies on “The Stargate is Closing”

  1. Cerberus7 says:

    And I started caring again, too
    They were losing me slowly, but this past season so far has actually been pretty good. Ah, well.

  2. Eldhrin says:

    Confirmed on Gateworl
    Gateworld.net have the press release. After the series is over there’ll be a 2-hour movie, presumably to wrap things up rather like Ark of Truth did for SG-1. I hope they get the plot into a suitable state that it can be satisfactorily dealt with in such a format by the end of the season, but they probably won’t because it has presumably all been written and mostly filmed already.

  3. Timeshredder says:

    Stargate at WorldCon
    I’ve never followed the show so I didn’t go to the WorldCon panel on it, but they had a mock-up of the Stargate around the door, guarded by guys in military gear. Clearly, the fans are a devoted bunch.

  4. TwistyHat says:

    Spin off
    They’ll probably go ahead with the second spin off now, unfortunately they’ll probably keep the same bunch of inept writers.

    Oh well.

  5. fsphil says:

    Unstable wormhole
    SG-1 got 10 years, Atlantis got 5… at this rate Universe will be cancelled before it’s even been aired.

    I’ll miss Atlantis.. I really liked it. More so than the last few series of SG-1.

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