No Heroics

The United Kingdom’s ITV will begin airing No Heroics on September 10, 2008. It’s a cheeky anti-Heroes sitcom reminiscent of Mystery Men, Freshmen, and Great Lakes Avengers… If their principal setting were a bar for second-rate metahumans, and the characters made a lot of cheap sex jokes.

A preview appears below.

7 replies on “No Heroics”

  1. theangrymob says:

    Looks like fun
    Gave me a laugh. Hope to catch it over on this side of the pond. Reminds me of Playing for Keeps (

  2. bluestrain says:

    Hey Comedy Central!
    Pick it up! We’ll watch it! Really!

  3. Alexius says:

    In the US, we have to Torrent it.
    *goes to add it to the RSS catcher*

  4. ViperDriver says:

    Looks funnier than Mystery Men
    …and I liked MM. I’d love to see this over here. I just read Soon I Will Be Invincible which while not this outright a comedy was a fun take on the superhero world.

  5. Damien says:

    Gotta have it nowwwwwwww
    Looks pretty cool, hope they stay focused and don’t turn the stories to generic sit-com junk like would happen on NBC et al.

  6. fsphil says:

    This actually looks like a good show.
    Ok, who are you and what have you done with the real ITV?

  7. Timeshredder says:

    The Tick
    I might have mentioned The Tick, which really developed this concept (with less reliance of crude jokes), and DC’s foundational work with the second-rate-superhero-as-gag, Ma Hunkel in the 40s and the Inferior Five in the 60s.

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