Spider-man #4 and 5 Swinging Our Way

Director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire will return for the next two Spidey flicks, which may be filmed simultaneously, according to a report in Deadline Hollywood Daily.

No word on the next villain. Many people believe the Lizard will slither into the position. Man-Wolf could transform the direction of the franchise, while the Kingpin could play the heavy in the films.

4 replies on “Spider-man #4 and 5 Swinging Our Way”

  1. Word to Mephisto

    They could set Spidey up against his real arch-enemy: crappy Marvel continuity and stupid retcons!

  2. Theories
    The "other gal part" will probably be Black Cat.

    As far as villains go, Lizard is a good potential bet and Kingpin would also be a good choice (if done better than in Daredevil). Rhino is a little flat as a character to stand on his own. Electro maybe? Hobgoblin?

  3. More mediocrity
    The first movie was okay, but the second and third didn’t do much for me. I don’t expect greatness from these next two.

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  4. No Kingpin
    Unless Columbia/Tri-Star buys the live action rights from 20th Century Fox, the Kingpin will not appear in a Spider-Man movie. The Lizard is likely, and there was a lot of preliminary work done on Vulture designs for the third movie before Avi Arad talked Sam Raimi into using the more marketable Venom instead.

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