Bill Gates meets Jerry Seinfeld

They get Bill and Jerry together for an ad, and this is the best they can come up with?

The only thing I found funny was the “Conquistador” reference. Maybe the line about “points.” Others obviously disagree. What about you guys?

And did anyone find the recently-discovered amateur Marilyn Monroe video marginally more interesting?

10 replies on “Bill Gates meets Jerry Seinfeld”

  1. Amusing
    It was amusing to watch. Not exactly funny, but amusing.

    But it didn’t make me want to go out and buy any microsoft products, or really have any effect on my perception of the company or its products. As an ad it’s probably a waste of money.

  2. Counter productive
    If the idea is to show a natural conversation about Windows, it failed miserably. What I see instead is Jerry Seinfeld, a celebrity best known for his sitcom which frequently involved and exaggerated the absurdities of the life of Joe-on-the-street, and the president of Microsoft completely failing to connect or relate to each other on any level. To me, this struck me as evidence that Gates’ company really is as far out of touch with the layperson as I’ve suspected. I’m pretty sure that’s the opposite of their goal.

  3. Biggest waste of MSFT’s money since WindowsME?
    It just seemed like a complete waste of time. It wasn’t funny, it didn’t intrigue me, it made no mention of MSFT’s projects or products, it just seemed like a poor attempt to make BillG seem hip because he’s talking with Jerry Sienfeld. Uh, no, sorry, it just bored me.

    The Apple-vs-PC advertisements, on the other hand, were funny and intriguing, they made me want to take at least a casual glance at their projects just to see what they were about, if only because it suggested there may be an alternative to all the usual PC crap we all know and lov^H^H^Hhate.


  4. Ask not what Microsoft can do for you…
    Wow. It was all about serving Bill Gates. (Also, it made no sense. At all.)

  5. No Clue
    Since it’s the first in a series of ads, I reserve the right to change my overall opinion, but right now I think they’re being way too clever for their intended audience.

  6. Uhm…
    I like Windows, but even I have to admit that advertisement didn’t come close to the "I’m a Mac" spots.

  7. My take
    What I took away from watching that commercial?

    "Bill Gates really likes Jerry Seinfeld and wanted to be in a commercial with him. What Bill wants, Bill gets."

    • Re: My take
      "Bill Gates really likes Jerry Seinfeld and wanted to be served by him. What Bill wants, Bill gets."

      There, fixed that for you…

      • Re: My take

        "Bill Gates really likes Jerry Seinfeld and wanted to be served by him. What Bill wants, Bill gets."

        There, fixed that for you…

        You know the only thing I hate more than "FIRST!" posts? "Fixed that for you" posts. And people who do it are the only people that should die in a more horrible fashion than those "FIRST!" idiots.

        Anyway, onto the commercial: Ridiculous. Wasn’t funny, interesting, or have any redeeming features at all. They should have just thrown a beach party and burned the money instead. At least that would have been an interesting use for the cash.

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