Emmy Awards Roundup

Genre shows took in a couple of awards. Some of these were primetime awards, and others were creative (ie. technical) awards. Genre winners include Pushing Daisies (Directing, Barry Sonnenfeld; Editing, Stuart Bass; Music Composition, Jim Dooley), Tin Man (Makeup, Lisa Love and Rebecca Lee), Battlestar Galactica (Visual Effects, nine people; Short Form Live Action Entertainment Programs, Razor Featurette #4), Chuck (Stunt Coordination, Merritt Yohnka), Lost (Outstanding Sound Mixing, Robert Anderson, Franks Morrone and Scott Weber), Smallville (Sound Mixing, ten people), and Heroes (Outstanding Interactive Media Programming, The Heroes Digital Experience).

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  1. Bryan Cranson Got A Deserved Win
    Bryan Cranston won a well-deserved Best Actor – Drama Emmy for Breaking Bad, a show I recommended her on B42 back in January. With this Emmy, AMC will undoubtedly run the 7 ep Season 1 over again and again thru the rest of the year to get ready for Season 2 in 2009. Wait til the rerun cycle starts over with the pilot and watch this great show in order. You won’t be disappointed – you never had this much fun in high school chem class before.

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