Anonymous Coward writes, just an idea, not
trying to do a write-up. just saw the commercial
on the super bowl for men in black 2. how about
getting the scoop on it?
I’ve gleaned some
info from sources like Ain’t It Cool News
and Cinescape
over the past few months. I’ll share what I know
below, including spoilers, so don’t Read More
unless you want to.

Men In Black 2 has an IMDB entry here.
What that doesn’t say is that an old threat to
Earth (named Serleena) comes back, and takes the
form of the first human she sees. (This human is
on the cover of a Victoria’s Secret
catalogue. Serleena will be played by Lara Flynn
Boyle. Famke Janssen was originally cast in the
role, but she had to deal with a family crisis
and step out.) Agent K dealt with Serleena the
first time, and they need information from him to
stop her this time. Agent J retrieves him, runs
him through the experimental (and imperfect)
deneuralizer, and they’re back on the case.

That’s all I know about the definite plot.
I’ve heard that the first draft of the script had
a short scene with Linda Fiorentino’s character
from the first movie. I’ve also heard that
script fell somewhat flat and was rather
predictable. However, it’s been through at least
one rewrite since that point, and later drafts
apparently show marked improvements in terms of
storytelling. I also assume that the final lines
will be the collaborative effort they were the
first time. (Compare the novelization of the
first movie to the movie itself to see what sorts
of changes happened during filming.) I’ve heard
no word of Linda Fiorentino actually coming in to
do the filming. I doubt she will, actually. If I
corretly interpret her character based on what I
heard on the Dogma commentary track, she wouldn’t
come back unless she had a more substantial

In any event, you now know all that I do. If
anyone else has any information to share, you can
post a comment below. If you require anonymity,
you can mail
. I promise to reveal no personal
information without your expressed permission.