Terrance Howard out, Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2

Slashfilm has an article about the change in who will play Jim Rhodes (and potentially, War Machine). It seems to come down to money. I’ll reserve judgment as Howard was kinda dull in the first movie and Cheadle has some serious acting chops.

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  1. Wow, different movies?
    From the linked article:

    Most people will agree, Howard and Downey Jr had incredible chemistry.

    Howard was fine in a bland role and any "incredible chemistry" was all on Downey’s side of the screen. Don Cheadle shouldn’t have any trouble running with it, especially if they give Rhodey more to do.

    That said, it does bother me that Marvel won’t pay for Howard to come back (he’s a good actor and just needs more to work with). We’re talking about a sequel that’s virtually guaranteed to reach a minimum of $300 million box office unless it’s awful. I’ve got to think that Marvel can eke out a nice chunk of change while sharing profits with the principals.

    • Re: Wow, different movies?

      That said, it does bother me that Marvel won’t pay for Howard to come back

      Agreed. … But I’m such a big Don Cheadle fan that I’ll probably be willing to see the "silver lining" to this one.


    • Re: .

      Ooof. Somebody’s agent is getting reamed, I’m sure.

      Somehow I didn’t even think about that.

      Agent: Terry, don’t worry about a thing. I’m gonna get you the money you deserve.
      Howard: I want to be in the movie. Don’t lose the job for me.
      Agent: They’re not gonna let you go! You were great and they’re not going to break up a winning team over a few dollars.

      Two weeks later…
      Howard (while strangling agent): Don Cheadle?! You lost me the job and they got a higher profile actor?! No jury will convict me!

  2. Maybe I am wierd
    But I just can’t see Don Cheadle as Rhoady. I thought Terrance Howard was pretty darn great with what he had to work with. I was really looking forward to seeing more of him in the role in the next one. I am pretty disappointed with this news.

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