“Arthur? I thought you were dead.”

An imaginary prize goes to the best smart-ass response to that quotation.

Title: “The Dying of the Light”


Milo Ventimiglio as Peter Petrelli
Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli
Zachary Quinto as Sylar
Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennett
Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura
James Kyson Lee as Ando Masahashi
David H. Lawrence XVII as Eric Doyle
Jack Coleman as Noah Bennett
Greg Grunburg as Matt Parkman
Brea Grant as Daphne Millbrook
Ashley Crow as Sandra Bennett
Jessalyn Gilsig as Meredith Gordon
Ali Larter as Tracy Strauss
Noah Gray-Cabey as Micah Sanders
Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh
Jamie Hector as Benjamin “Knox” Washington
Robert Forster as Arthur Petrelli
Malcolm McDowell as Daniel Linderman

Well, I predicted last year there’d be a character named Arthur.

Beyond that, we learn (as most people predicted), that Hiro really didn’t kill Ando, but he has been stripped of two seasons’ worth of character development. The villains gather, Daphne questions her loyalties, Claire takes down Doyle, and the season becomes more difficult to follow than the post-expansion NHL.

Some positive notes: I did like the concept of a time-traveler battling a precog. And, thankfully, Mohinder is now so far gone that the writers didn’t have him recite Dylan Thomas in order to explain the title.