Star Trek Trailer Now Online has it available. As of right now, only the small, medium, and large versions work. The HD versions link back to the old teaser. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Oh and this die-hard trekkie’s opinion? Bring…it…ON!

6 replies on “Star Trek Trailer Now Online”

  1. New Trailer
    It looks promising, and like a lot of fun. I hope it lives up to the trailer. I doubt I will be disappointed though, I am VERY forgiving at the theater. As an example, I liked all 3 Star Wars prequels. I had my issues, Jar Jar, but over all I didn’t regret seeing any of them.

  2. Good action flick
    Looks to me like it might be a really good generic sci-fi action movie. Judging by the trailer, though, all the Star-Trek-ness feels sort of kludged on. I don’t see any sign of the spirit of exploration or clashing cultures that characterized the Star Trek series (at least not the ones I watched — TOS, TNG, DS9).

    Maybe it’s been too long, though. What do you die-hard Trekkies feel makes Star Trek essentially Star Trek, aside from phasers and pointy ears?

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