‘Caprica’ (the Series) Gets the Green Light

Sci-Fi Channel has ordered 20 hours of the BSG prequel ‘Caprica.’ Filming on the series will start in 2009, with a 2010 premier date. The miniseries airs next year (I can’t find a specific date).

Watch the preview for the miniseries here.

3 replies on “‘Caprica’ (the Series) Gets the Green Light”

  1. Prequels
    Could we just stop with all the prequels? They haven’t really worked out too good yet on anything.

  2. how long ’till they ruin it?
    I’m having really hard time getting excited about Caprica. Not only because it has been described as "Dallas in Space" but because I’m afraid SciFi might completely screw it over if it ever gets popular. How long does it take to air those 20 hours? 4-5 years? :-)
    Watching them flip and turn and delay and re-schedule BSG put me in point where I couldn’t care less about the show anymore.

    Grrh, nerdrage..

  3. Meh …
    Unfortunately, Sci Fi is the Fox of cable television. If they give this the same milquetoast treatment that they’ve given BSG, it could be high art of the finest quality. We’ll get ten episodes, wait eighteen months for the next ten, have the schedule changed to compete with a much stronger (ratings-wise) program, and it’ll get lost somewhere in Neilsen’s basement.


    I feel cynical tonight, for some reason.


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