The New York Times is reporting that the judge in the 20th Century Fox vs. Warner Brothers case has said that he intends to rule in favor of Fox’s claim that it holds a copyright interest in Warner Bros film adaptation of Watchmen

This came out in a 5-page written order issued today (December 24th) by the presiding judge, Gary Feess, with a longer ruling forthcoming with more information. Feess, in his ruling advises Fox and Warner to either come to a settlement or appeal. No word as yet (as this story, basically, just broke) on what Warner Bros next move will be, and what this will mean for the film.

Frankly, I’m torn on the whole thing – once the film’s done, I’d like to see it come out, so I can (ya know) watch it. On the other hand, this has been Warner’s project since Zach Snyder got involved, and Fox doesn’t deserve a dime from this movie.