Over the last 10 days (from the 22nd until the 31st – yes, the 31st is tomorrow but bear with me) – Funimation has been announcing a new license per day. All 10 licenses have been announced, and they are all, with one exception, genre (and you could argue that one is genre too). So, below the cut you will find the list and some comments on the items.

  1. Ikki Tousen – Formerly licensed by Geneon, this series is basically an adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, in High School, with the male characters now being female – oh, and lots of fanservice.
  2. Gad Guard – another former Geneon series, this one a Super Robot style mecha anime. with the protagonist being a kid who finds himself in control of a giant robot called a Techode, and ends up having to deal with other Techode users.
  3. Vandread – YAGL (Yet Another Geneon License). This one is a space opera/mecha romantic-comedy series set in a universe where men and women live on separate planets and are at war with each other.
  4. Nabari no Ou – Funimation’s first new license (as opposed to ones transferred from Geneon) of the list – this shounen series is about a middle school kid who possesses a “hijitsu” (which is, apparently, a ninja art that is passed genetically rather then through training) so he ends up being attacked by bad ninjas, while the good ninjas of his school’s Ninja Club protect him.
  5. Last Exile – A diesel-punk series involving a war between two kingdoms and the religious organization controlling technology over the mysterious Exile – which I can’t explain in too much specifics without bringing up spoilers. YAGL
  6. Oh! Edo Rocket – A pyrotechnic maker in Edo in the mid-1800s is asked by a mysterious (magical) woman to help her get to the moon by building her a rocket to get her there. The problem, pyrotechnics are outlawed. Another new licensee.
  7. Gankutsuou – YAGL. This one is a science-fiction retelling of “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Gonzo, told primarily from the perspective of the Count’s son, who never knew his father.
  8. Slayers Revolution – New License, and not a surprise as Funimation has the other three seasons of Slayers Licensed. Anyway, this is the brand new season of The Slayers, with a brand new story (not based on any of the novels) with a brand new OP and ED by Megumi Heyashibara, who returns to the role of Lina Inverse, the sorceress with a bad habit of causing a great deal of collateral damage in her wake (usually because her spell of choice has the destructive capabilities of a tactical nuclear weapon).
  9. Gungrave – YAGL. This is based on the video game (with character designs by Yasuhiro Nightow – creator of Trigun), about a Mafioso who is murdered by his former friend on his way to power and is re-animated as a nearly unstoppable killing machine, seeking to avenge his death and the death of his mentor.
    And Finally…
  10. Samurai Champloo – YAGL. This time, instead of jazz, rock, blues and Heroic Bloodshed martini, Cowboy Bebop creator/director/writer Shinichiro Watanabe is blending hip-hop, chambara and garnished with copious amounts of anachronism. It works a lot better than it sounds. Not exactly genre though there is that one episode with the wasabi…