Bandai Entertainment, the company which (among other series they’ve licensed) released all of the various Mobile Suit Gundam series stateside, likes to put hidden messages in the HTML code of their web page to tease future releases. I’m bringing this up because has the latest messages.

Analysis of my own below the cut

As far as the analysis goes… I’m going to say, based on the line “Listen to my Final Songs” that it’s going to be a Macross series, possibly Macross Frontier as that’s the latest series, although that doesn’t rule out Macross 7 either (protagonist Nikki Basra’s “battle cry” was “Listen to my song!”) I’m not holding my breath though, because the North American rights for Macross have been a convoluted bloody mess over whether the NA rights for one thing or another were held by Studio Nue (the creators of the show) or Hamony Gold. (We were lucky to get Macross Plus, much less the original SDF Macross). I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head. Well, maybe Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but that doesn’t fit in with the musical theme…

If you’ve got any better ideas, let us know with a comment.