Hawk the Slayer gets Sequel.

Screen Daily is reporting that the 1980s cult “classic” fantasy film Hawk The Slayer is getting a sequel. The film rights have been purchased by Jinga Films, and the sequel, currently titled Hawk the Hunter has Tom Hardy (Star Trek: Nemesis, RocknRolla) attached to play the title role, and the director of the first movie, Terry Marcel is returning for the sequel.

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  1. AWESOME !!!
    But considering that the original actor is still available… It’s dissappointing that he’s not on board…

    Sure, he’d be a lot older, but that could easily be part of the plot.

    Of course, a cameo by Jack Palance would be a sweet thing too.


    for those of you who never heard of it; consider it recommended. It’s not one of the best movies ever, but I’d call it ""solidly entertaining"".

    • Re: AWESOME !!!
      oops, … forgot to mention that the original actor is John Terry — currently know as Jack’s Dad from the series LOST.

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