Our reviews for Nerdgasm Friday continue with the return of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

On another note, writing that title was more awkward than putting emoticons in parentheses.

Title: “The Good Wound”

Cast and Crew

Lena Heady as Sarah Connor
Thomas Dekker as John Connor
Summer Glau as Cameron Philips
Leven Rambin as Riley
Dinah Leney as Eileen
Shirley Manson as Catherine Weaver
Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese
Richard T. Jones as James Ellison
Stephanie Jacobsen as Jesse
Garret Dillahunt as Cromartie/John Henry
Jonathan Jackson as Kyle Reese
Rebecca Creskoff as Anne
TripConnor Trinneer as the Sheriff


Sarah kidnaps a doctor to help remove a bullet she took doing something really stupid last episode, while other characters deal with recent developments, and Weaver takes an interest in Cromartie.

High Point

The show had a comparatively strong main plot which gave us further insight into Sarah Connor’s psyche, while the subplots explored further the possible history of events. The notion that Cromartie’s body has remembered pasts, while not new to SF, holds interesting possibilities.

Low Point

I saw no glaring “Low Point,” but I will continue to harp on the one I noted for the last episode, because “The Good Wound” emphasized it. The episode explores Sarah Connor’s character, but the premise results from a situation that person would never be in. She would not have entered the facility without further preparation and arranged support. People do not always behave consistently, but her actions here require some explanation.

The Scores

Originality: 3/6.

Effects: 5/6. The effects in this episode were well-done and not overdone.

Story: 4/6. The episode featured an interesting main plot. The subplots were uneven in quality. Story arcs have many advantages, but one disadvantage is that they leave individual episodes in fragments.

Acting: 5/6. Lena Heady did well in a challenging part. I rather enjoyed seeing Connor Trinneer as the sheriff. Leven Rambin wasn’t bad, but she remains something of a weak link in this cast.

Production: 6/6.

Emotional response: 4/6. I liked this episode enough at the time, but very little of it stays with me. We now have four many major genre shows crowded onto the same night, and I honestly doubt I will continue watching all of them.

Overall: 4/6.

“The Good Wound” receives 31/42.