Heroes Discussion: “Cold Wars”

Noah Bennet and Matt Parkman attempt to learn the truth about Nathan Petrelli’s plans, and his desire to be humanity’s sentinel.

Meanwhile, the Cheerleader expresses her desire the show will remain worth watching:

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  1. The Cheerleader,,,
    You know what I like about Hayden Panettiere? She is beautiful and has some womanly curves. I get sick of all the hollywood "beauties" that are anorexic looking, you can count their ribs. They look like 10 year old boys with fake boobs more often than not. It only makes me want to give them a damn sandwich. I hope they don’t end up forcing her to lose weight and end up looking sick like 99% of the other women in hollywood.

    Oh and I enjoyed this episode, this season seems to be going somewhere finally. I would say this season should have been season 2.

  2. another chance
    I gave up on heroes, and I’ve only half-heartedly given the recent eps a chance since they changed the production staff. – I’ve been pretty harsh in my comments about heroes for quite a while now. And I don’t retract anything I’ve said.

    That said… If this ep signals the way things are going to go in the future, I’m probably going to start watching it again.

    of course, I’m EXPECTING to be let down again, but after this ep, I’ll give them some more of my time.

    • Re: another chance

      I gave up on heroes, and I’ve only half-heartedly given the recent eps a chance . . .

      This ep lacks all of the unbearable subplots and hopelessly broken characters, but then there was no story advancement at all. If they’re all like this from now on, it’ll be like watching your laundry tumble around in the dryer at the laundromat — just spinning in circles.

      • Re: another chance

        but then there was no story advancement at all.

        What really annoyed me was that Matt spent the entire episode digging into HRG’s head, only to find out at the end of the episode that HRG was double-crossing Nathan. So Matt and Peter leave thinking HRG is a bad guy. This entire episode could have been one of the online comics, just a bit drawn out.
        I do, however, think that every episode should feature a world premiere music video from Hayden Panettiere. That would be sweet!

  3. The end
    Was anyone else screaming Nooooo! at their TV when they panned out at the end to show Washington D.C. being blown up in a nuclear explosion . Why why why why do they think our heroes need to be fighting to stop some future thing only they know about. Running for their lives is a compelling enough story for this season, we don’t need any more "save the Cheerleader, save the world" crap, espically since they let Sylar get her powers anyway….

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