If you haven’t heard, there’s a rumour we’ll be seeing a big screen Galactica movie based on the original, rather than the reboot.

Meanwhile, here’s our review of this week’s episode.

Title: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Cast and Crew

Written by Michael Taylor
Directed by Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos as Admiral Adama
Katee Sackhoff as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
Grace Park as Athena/Boomer/Number 8
Jamie Bamber as Lee “Apollo” Adama
Michael Hogan as Colonel Saul Tigh
Kate Vernon as Ellen Tigh
Tricia Helfer as Number 6
Mary McDonnell as Laura Roslin
James Callis as Dr. Gaius Baltar

Dean Stockwell as Cavil
Tahmoh Penikett as Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon
Rekha Sharma as Tory Foster
Alexandra Thomas as Hera
Michael Trucco as Samuel Anders


The Admiral realizes that they must abandon the damaged Galactica, we learn more about the fate of Hera, and Baltar outs Kara as…. Whatever she is.

High Point

The writer, director, and actors handled the memorial service intelligently. Is Baltar engaged in more self-serving behavior, or does he really believe what he’s saying?

Low Points

Why is Galactica security so lax? Kara Thrace can just reconnect Anders, despite the threat officials believe he represents?

The Scores:

Originality: 3/6.

Effects: 6/6.

Story: 3 or 4/6. Once again—we have a portion of a story arc wherein a little occurs. We cannot tell if it is a piece of a strong story or a weak one. At this late date, the episodes don’t hold up on their own.

Acting: 5/6. Edward James Olmos, in particular, gives a strong performance in an episode ehe also directed.

Emotional Response: 4/6.

Production: 6/6.

Overall: 4/6.

In total “Islanded in a Stream of Stars” receives 31 or 32/42


Correction: I had thought, given the recent references to pop music, that this week’s title was to that classic slab of cheese from 1983, Islands in the Stream, written by the Bee Gees and made famous by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

We all have our off days. The title in fact quotes The Outermost House from 1928. Never read it, but the title at least makes some kind of sense now.