A discussion topic at AnimeVice.com caught my attention, so I thought I’d pass it to all of you here. Currently, the way manga is published, the “chapters” of the manga (equivalent to one issue of a comic) are run in a larger magazine like Shonen Jump, Young King Hours, etc. usually on lower quality paper (similar to the quality of the paper in your Essential Marvel collections) and then the chapters are later collected in a Tankobon (basically the equivalent of a trade paperback).

Now, if you could choose to get you comics in a form similar to that, printed chapter-by-chapter in black-and-white in a magazine similar to Shonen Jump (Detective Magazine), with lower-quality paper, and then getting the color and so forth in the “tankobon” anthologies, similar to the trade paperbacks we’re getting now, would you do so?

On the one hand, with the manga format, you’re not getting all the color right off the bat, and the fancy paper, and so forth. On the other hand, you’re getting them on time every month, and you’re getting a bunch of other titles besides, including titles with characters you might not have read otherwise, or even might not necessarily get a monthly book (The Question, for example)?

I’d go with the manga format myself, not just because I like manga, but because I’d be getting a lot more bang for my buck, and if there’s a storyline I really like, I can get the trade. Plus, I’d like to think that this would force the writers and artists to be on time with their work. Yes, you can’t rush art, but when you’re doing a comic you’re agreeing to stick with the monthly format, and to meet deadlines.

Besides, it’d be less expensive for the consumer to get the Bat-Titles in “Batman Magazine” than to buy “Detective Comics” and “Batman” and “Batgirl” and “Robin” and “Nightwing” and