Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: “Today is the Day”

“Good-bye bird. There’s a 51% chance I wouldn’t have killed you.”

Title: “Today is the Day”

Cast and Crew

Written by Ashley E. Miller and Zack Stentz
Directed by Guy Norman Bee

Lena Heady as Sarah Connor
Thomas Dekker as John Connor
Summer Glau as Cameron Philips
Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese
Stephanie Jacobsen as Jesse
Dinah Leney as Eileen
Garret Dillahunt as Cromartie/John Henry
Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Savannah
Jonathan Jackson as Kyle Reese
Rebecca Creskoff as Anne
Richard T. Jones as James Ellison
Busy Phillips as Kacy Corbin
Yuri Lowenthal as Christopher Garvin
Krishna Cole as Blake
Chad Coleman as Queeg


Our story occurs in both the past and the future, as the characters deal with the repercussions of Riley’s death, Chromartie plays hide and seek with ethical concepts, and Jesse heads on a submarine mission.

High Point

The uncertain motives and unpredictable actions of three different metal characters highlight the three plots. We know that Cameron is telling the truth about many things; other statements remain uncertain. We’re watching uncertain developments in Chromartie. And we really don’t know what the sub commander intends, or what part this mission plays in Jesse’s life.

Low Point

The show is less successful than Galactica at handling multiple plots without seeming fragmented and jumpy.

The Scores

“What, you’ve never been twenty centimeters from your Maker before?”

Originality: 4/6. Written SF has addressed the issues related to artificial intelligences many times before, but this episode handles them intelligently.

Effects: 5/6.

Story: 4/6. We have another fragmented story, with some plots holding more interest than others. The repercussions of Riley’s death feel the most natural, the most driven by past events. All plots touch on the issues of humanity, artificial intelligence, and ethics.

Acting: 5/6. Dekker handled his moment in the morgue well, and, overall, we’re seeing the future John Connor emerge.

Production: 5/6.

Emotional response: 4/6. I found myself growing impatient at times. I liked what was happening with the Connors, but it seemed to e-mope along a bit much. The sub-plot has potential, but we only see the beginning, and the present-day appearances of Jesse weren’t that interesting.

Overall: 4/6. As with the recent episodes of Galactica, it is difficult to fairly assess the story, because we’re only seeing a portion of it.

“Ourselves Alone” receives 31/42.

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      I thought the Queeg on Red Dwarf was funnier.

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