This story came of the forums, and is on the unofficial Original D&D Forums. Dave Arneson – co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons with E. Gary Gygax, is currently in the hospital due to his cancer worsening, and his outlook is poor. I currently don’t have any additional information from that. Arneson’s family has requested that they not be contacted over this – no cards or anything. So, all we can do right now is keep him in our thoughts/prayers/send vibes/etc.

Gary Gygax passed away just over a year ago.

I have not played OD&D yet – I did pick up a copy of Basic D&D (the Rules Cyclopedia) which uses a watered down version of the D&D rules, and I liked it – but, again, I haven’t tried the original game yet. But, ultimately, Dave’s impact on gaming, on science-fiction & fantasy, video games, and popular culture through the game that he created is enormous.

Dave – the impact that, through the game that you helped to create, through it’s many evolutions helped shape the person I am today – and I might not even be writing for this site if it wasn’t for you & Gary.

Thank you.