Fringe Discussion: “Inner Child”

Fringe returns, and Olivia encounters a disturbing feral child.

I actually wanted to write a review, but, for some reason, where I am, a “Top Idol” show was running where Fringe was listed. Forget the horror of this episode. Want horror? Discovering that you’ve recorded…. a Reality TV show!

How did we like this one?

5 replies on “Fringe Discussion: “Inner Child””

  1. “Lets make the leading lady have some mothering instincts and milk it for all it’s worth.”

    And now we have two Bald People Who Look Ominous.

      • Initially I thought the kid was going to be a Vampire, and I mourned for those poor, dead demolition men – the fact that he was an Observer didn’t occur to me until the middle of the show.

        Personal highlight? Walter saying “Peter!, Olivia’s seen a PEEEE-nis before!” – I nearly did a spit-take.

        And don’t worry Timeshredder, you’ll always be the most ominous bald person here.

        • I like this show and have few complaints. My favorite character, by a HUGE mile, is Walter Bishop. The guy is just hilariously nutty.

  2. They definitely seem to be allowing Anna Torv to relax just a little bit. She’s not as near as stiff as she was in the first half of the season.

    On an extremely positive note, I read that Leonard Nimoy is going to be on the show as the head of Massive Dynamics: William Bell

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