There’s always an SF Con somewhere, and I’ve got panel spots at two in the next few weeks. I hope to see some Bureau-crats there!

Click for details and video.

GenreCon, a one-day, literary affair in Sarnia, Ontario takes place on April 25. Eric Choi and Doug Smith are among the SF/fantasy authors who will be there.

The May 1 weekend brings to Romulus, Michigan, Penguicon, an amazing annual SF/fantasy/Linux convention that will feature Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear, and many others. Sadly, GoH Spider Robinson had to cancel. Nevertheless, these are three days worth attending.

In addition to several panels, I’ll be running an improv-for-nerds mixer before Friday’s parties get underway, “Whose Con is it Anyway?” We have no idea how that’s going to go, so support would be appreciated. You’ll have fun.

I’ve taken footage from my last two Penguicon videos, previously unseen (or, at least, unyoutubed) material, and shared photos (thanks!), and created this short video.