Supernatural Discussion – “When The Levee Breaks”

Here’s the season’s second last episode. I need to start watching this show on DVD again. Everything I hear says the show I really enjoyed in season one (until a DVR glitch forced me to miss a week) has just been getting better ever since.

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  1. The show keeps going strong. I have a few conceptual nitpicks with is, but the stories and characters and production values keep being top notch.

    Good mix of arc and stand-alone episodes, and they still manage to creep an old desensitized dude like me!

  2. Get the DVDs, then you’ll also get a free version via iTunes (latest sales gimmick).

    They’ve taken this season in an interesting direction, am interested to see how the season ends given we know they do get a season 5.

    • My guess: kill Lilith at the threshold of the last seal, stopping Lucifer’s return and the apocalypse. The 5th season, which I’ve heard is the last planned, will have to resolve the looming civil war in heaven. How that plays into the Supernatural world is what I can’t figure out.

      • I’m thinking Dean will become some sort of semi-angel to counter Sam’s semi-demon, and perhaps Sam will go “bad” for a short time, if not a good chunk of the season.

        It would be hard to have the usual non-arc fun episodes if they aren’t back to normal before too long into the season though. I’m not so sure a season-long arc involving them being split up would be a good for the series.

        Alternate Theory: Perhaps there is a loophole that Satan has forgotten about or is unaware of, that once he walks upon the Earth, he would be subject to the wrath of God or some such. That way, Lillith could “succeed” and yet Armageddon would still not happen. It may also explain some of the weird orders that the Angels are getting…

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