“Deadpool” one of four X-Men films in development

According to this Variety story, Ryan Reynolds is slated to star in one of the four X-Men movies in development. Updated: Spoilery comments moved after the break. Sorry, Fez et al. I applaud Reynolds’ performance as Wade Wilson in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” but I wasn’t thrilled when they cast Mortal Kombat’s Baraka as Deadpool. Here’s hoping they do this one right.

2 replies on ““Deadpool” one of four X-Men films in development”

  1. I actually LOLed when I read the Baraka comment, because it is so true! I never even thought about that. But yea, if they can do Deadpool right, as it appears Ryan Reynolds can definitely do, this could be good. Maybe Marvel can take control of this one, they have a great track record so far.

  2. I should have known better than to read that story without having seen Wolverine yet.

    Perhaps this might need a spoiler warning of some kind.

    (Or perhaps I just need to find a babysitter so my wife and I can actually go to the movies!)

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