Trailer Park Tuesday: May 19, 2009

A lighter week for trailers. I expect these will continue to slow down as each blockbuster comes and goes. There’s a few low-budget films on this week’s list, including a children’s movie called Gooby, which may or may not be the Anti-Christ. I’ll let you decide.

We also see the first clip from the new Sherlock Holmes film from later this year. And of course, we have to have a new clip from Up. I seriously wonder how much of the movie will be left to see in the theater.

Aliens in the Attic

Note: Last week the trailer for this film was titled “They Came From Upstairs.”

Drag Me to Hell (“Files” Clip)


The Road

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Up (“Tepui Landing” Clip)

Yesterday Was a Lie

3 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday: May 19, 2009”

  1. That’s an… interesting… take on Sherlock Holmes.

    I was always under the impression that Arthur Conan Doyle made him fairly fastidious, though it’s been some time since I read any of the stories. Eccentric? Yes. Coke head? Yes. Dirty? No.

    And Gooby scares the pants off me. It’s a horribly mutated Fozzy Bear, featuring horrible trailer voice over and (judging from that last scene featuring Eugene Levy looking at ‘Our Compliments’ brand toilet paper) shot in a Sobey’s owned supermarket – that’s not horrible in itself, but it means that I’m going to be having visions of that thing every time I buy groceries for the next month.

    • Most of the movies/TV shows are to blame for our impressions of Holmes (the pipe and hat being amongst the biggest offenders). He was never all that clean. Watson often complains about the state of their apartment, especially when Holmes was “on the hunt.”

      There are also several mentions of Holmes disappearing for weeks at a time, descending into the lower depths of London where he’d indulge his “baser” instincts. Usually he would be returning from one of these benders at the start of a story.

  2. Wow the two trailers for “Yesterday was a lie” proves that the right music can really make or break a trailer. That second was just plain awful.

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