Fringe Discussion: “The Road Not Taken”

Olivia’s visions appear to be a permanent part of the show now; at least, they figure in this episode. She investigates a bad case of spontaneous combustion, Walter cracks open an investigation of his own, and the Observer’s daybook grows cluttered.

Who has warmed to the show? Who still gives it a Frosty reception?

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  1. This eq rocked. I’m starting to warm to Olivia, but honestly I’d be just as happy if she got offed. Also does this mean there is an alternate Olivia seeing our reality? Plus what about Walter, Bell, and ZFT? Not to mention who is attacking them? Our ZFT? Or the observer?

  2. Correction to above: Who is attacking alternate Earth? Our ZFT, the obsevers, or something/one else.

  3. I rather enjoyed this episode.

    They have been hinting all season long at the parallel universe idea, and I think they have handled it ok. They let her have [spoilers]visions[/spoiler] without involving time travel/precognition, which is an interesting twist that hasn’t been overdone.

    The next episodes should be really interesting, especially given the final events of last night’s episode, and the fact that they received a pickup for next season.

    My only fear is that this “war” they speak of is too big of a plot to resolve by the end of the season, and too large to keep ongoing without it completely overtaking the show and altering its premise in future seasons.

    I guess for now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Whoops, sorry about the typo’d spoiler tag there. Wasn’t too bad anyhow, since it was mentioned in the summary.

    • My only fear is that this “war” doesn’t turn into some temporal cold war like the one that really, really ruined “Enterprise”. Oh, it was sucky before that story line, but that really ruined it.

      I really liked the look of Charlie in the alternate reality. It seems that he’s led a much harder life there.

      • It looks like they have specifically avoided time travel, because didn’t the machine Walter built to travel in time to retrieve a person just end up being able to transport from place to place in the present?

        Although parallel dimension/multiverse plots can easily spiral into craziness as well.

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