Fringe Discussion: “There’s More Than One of Everything”

The season concludes with a Sharp pain, alternate realities, and a special guest star. Will Fringe live long and prosper?

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  1. I guess this one answered the question of who’s name was on the grave stone and why the Observer’s reaction was so violent when Peter was there.

    Also, I was under the impression that Broadway was two plus blocks from Ground Zero. Shouldn’t the twin towers be closer than that if the doorway between the worlds is in them?

    • Didn’t Jones’ holes give the impression that the worlds being bridged were physically adjacent? If you step through a hole you’d only have crossed dimensions, not physical space? If so, then whatever transferred her in the elevator could not have been exactly the same as I’m pretty sure there is nothing currently in that physical space in our world.

      • Jones’ first doorway (where the truck came through) seemed to infer that the road on the other side was in the same place as here. I guess that’s why I’m confused with the elevator trip moving 2 blocks physically unless the Fringe’verse is in a [i]third[/i/ verse where the Mistumi hotel is at ground zero.

      • I get the impression that the elevator is a very different type of portal technology. It behaved quite differently than the curtain the mad teleporter was trying to open. Olivia spent a few seconds in at least three different versions of the same elevator, but there was no curtain.

        I’m assuming we’ll get the question and answer session with the cyborg red head will happen at the beginning of next season.

        What was with the almost accident on the way to the meeting with Mr. Big? Did Olivia involuntarily flip between universes then?


        • I’m thinking that there was at least one dimension shift. Follow closely by a teleport to another building. I think it’s safe to say that the MD dimension hopper is rather different. Possibly as they have hardware on both sides. I think Massive D has perfected some of the riskier ZFT technologies. Most likely ZFT stole much of their tech when it was in early development. (Also ZFT doesn’t seem to worry about things like side effects, and collateral damage.) The real question is how many dimensions are involved and what the major players are like there. Also I hope the writers avoid the evil twin thing. I would be interesting if the other is just as earnestly good as ours.

  2. So let’s review my conclusions:
    – Peter died in this dimension. The current Peter was kidnapped by his “father” from another dimension. (I’d thought that our mad scientist had tried and failed to get his wife. (BTW- What happened to his wife?)
    – ZFT is a splinter group from Massive D. Quite possibly a group that rejected the “ethics” of MD. (Thus the version of the document without the ethics section.)
    – The is at least one alternate universe with many of the main characters in it, and things aren’t going well there…
    -Massive D has a facility in an alternate Earth where the 2 towers weren’t destroyed. The white house was destroyed …(See paper head line on the desk)

  3. I think all realities being unequal, it is unlikely that the earth is exactly at the same point in all realities, but the spin might be a slightly different – ergo reality shifters would have to be able to shift you positionally as well as dimensionally.

    One of my on stories included a view of still standing twin towers, I see now that is already a trite and unoriginal idea *g*

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