Dr. Sam Beckett and Al reunited on Enterprise

writes, Ok, so it isn’t really Sam and it
isn’t really Al, but UPN has released
that Dean Stockwell will play an alien
on an upcoming Enterprise.

Oh PLEASE PLEASE have the guts for Archer to
say “Oh Boy!”

Text of SCI-FI
Wire news bit
UPN has released spoilery details of the upcoming
Enterprise episode that reunites Scott Bakula
(Capt. Jonathan Archer) with his former Quantum
Leap co-star Dean Stockwell. The episode,
“Detained,” is slated to air April 24.

In the episode, Archer and Mayweather (Anthony
Montgomery) are detained in an internment prison
by an alien race called Tandarans, who are at war
with the Sulibans. Stockwell guest-stars as Col.
Grat, a Tandaran military commander who clashes
with Bakula’s Archer.