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Cast & Crew

Director: Jim Charleston
Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga & Stephen Beck
Teleplay By: Stephen Beck

Scott Bakula as Captain
Jonathan Archer
Connor Trinneer as Chief
Engineer Charles Tucker III
Jolene Blalock as Sub-commander
Dominic Keating as Lt.
Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery
as Ensign Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi
John Billingsley
as Dr. Phlox

Guest Cast
Tom Bergeron as D’Marr
Rene Auberjonois as Ezral
Annie Wersching as Liana
Rudolph Willrich as Kuulan
Claudette Sutherland as Maya

Airdate Information

Originally Aired: April 3, 2002
Season: One
Episode: Twenty

Shuttlepod OneWhat

After getting a tip from a passing trader, D’Marr (Tom Bergeron), Enterprise
heads to a deserted planet in search of a crashed ship and the dilithium ore
that is rumored to be on board. D’Marr mentions that the ship is haunted, and
recommends that the crew not go.

Upon arrival, the crew finds the ship not haunted, but also not abandoned.
The crew has indeed survived the crash and are doing fine since the ship crashed
three years ago. Archer offers them help in repairing the ship to make it spaceworthy.
While the aliens accept, the do so uneasily. Trip soon finds himself attracted
to the chief engineer’s daughter, Liana (Annie Wersching). She is excited to
see new faces, and Trip’s knowledge of engineering only makes him more attractive.
Her father, Ezral (Rene Auberjonois) is fearful of the two’s time together,
warning his daughter not to get too attached the humans.

Reed and Mayweather, while investigating the wreck make some surprising discoveries.
First off, the ship isn’t three years old, it’s twenty (based on the oxidation
of the hull). Second, the amount of food the ship’s garden produces is not nearly
enough for the number of crew present. Pulling an escape pod out of orbit, they
discover the body inside has been dead for longer than the three years stated
by the alien crew. What’s more, it’s the body of one of the crew they just saw
on the planet surface.

Archer and crew return to the alien ship, this time armed for combat. After
meeting with brutal resistance, Liana saves the Enterprise crew by deactivating
the ship’s computer causing everyone but her and Ezral to disappear. It seems
everyone but the two of them were killed in the crash. Blaming himself for the
disaster, he recreated the crew one by one as holograms so that he and his daughter
wouldn’t be lonely.

Archer convinces him that, for Liana’s own good they should repair the ship
and go back to their home world. Archer agrees to help Ezral repair the computer
and restore the holographic crew to allow the ship to fly again. Liana and Trip
have a heartfelt good-bye and part ways.


Well, first off, I was all excited to see Mr. Auberjonois in action again,
but sadly he makes hardly any appearance at all in this episode. A poor choice
for casting when he could have been better used elsewhere.

The story was a bit weak, the holographic twist at the end was sadly predictable.
Actually making them ghosts would have been a better twist in my book.

I did like the Trip/Liana pairing, they really seemed to have some chemistry.
Sadly it will most likely go down as one of the typical "fling of the week."

Another positive aspect was T’Pol’s ribbing of Trip’s last alien love interest
("Unexpected") that left him pregnant. Acknowledgment of past episodes
helps hold the series together.

A side note: Anyone else find Dr. Phlox’s attitude in the shuttlebay a bit…irritated?
It seemed like we missed a scene that generated his foul mood, since he’s normally
more easygoing than this. The whole thing seemed like he didn’t want to be there
and that he was wasting his time. Just me?

High Point

Rocky Road! I love how grounded this show can be at times.

Low Point

The escape pod scene. Phlox’s odd behavior distracted from the rest of the

The Scores

Originality: Holograms and lies! Oh my! 2

Effects: Nothing good, but nothing bad either. Exterior shots of the alien
ship looked clean. 4

Story: Never quite gets up to speed. 3

Acting: Pretty good, but limited use of Auberjonois. Bergeron was cute as an
alien trader. 4

Emotional Response: You didn’t actually think there were scary ghost about,
did you? 3

Production: I swear most of the sets for the alien ship are from the ECS
("Fortunate Son"). I did like the garden set. Alien,
yet familiar. 4

Overall: A so-so episode, but I’m getting tired of "so-so." 4

Total: 24 out of 42

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and scientific assistance. In the course of trying to help, Dr. Phlox recalls
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Good spin on the "Prime Directive" theme! Check it out if you missed
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