Trailer Park Tuesday – May 26, 2009

Some movies I hadn’t ever heard of until this week.

My pick of the week goes to the new trailer for “9.” Looks just awesome!



Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince



And that’s the list this week gang. See you next week. Same time, same channel.

7 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday – May 26, 2009”

  1. Count me in for 9 and Surrogates, and a rental of Gamer. (HP:HBP goes without saying).

    I’ll probably watch V, too.

    I hadn’t heard of 9, Surrogates, or Gamer at all before watching the trailers.

  2. V:

    – Hate the new spaceship design. Flat saucers were so much cooler.
    – Dissapointed they aren’t wearing those funky sunglasses.
    – No red uniforms? :|
    – Can’t wait to see the new reptile faces.
    – I hope there isn’t a child actor to ruin the whole thing in this one.
    – They better do that mouse eating scene!

    • Would you be okay with the child actor inclusion if said child replaced the mouse in that scene?

      • Haha that would be awesome. I’m sure the Star Child will still manage to ruin the scene though.

    • Here are a few plusses and minuses for V from me :-)
      + Elizabeth Mitchell
      + Morena Baccarin
      – Morena Baccarin’s Hair
      + Laura Vandervoot
      – No Robert Englund
      + Alan Tudyk as a recurring character (Per The Futon Critic)
      – New Space Ship and Shuttle Designs
      + Possibly cool new reptile faces
      +/- Joel Gretsch caught in the middle of a battle against people who are “different” … again.

      I remember watching the original series with my brothers but I honestly don’t remember as much as I’d like. I remember the mouse scene, I recall some of the plot involving the babies, and so on, but not much of the intervening details.

      • I too watched it with a sibling. My sister had a thing for Marc Singer though…

        I’m looking forward to the remake, the original really caught my imagination at the time (it was before I read Childhood’s End). With modern CG I think they could do a lot more with the concept. Let’s hope they don’t Knight Rider this thing :(

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