Trailer Park Tuesday – June 2, 2009

Another Tuesday, another trailer round-up. Very light this week.

Dead Snow

Toy Story

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

My pick of the week has to be Dead Snow. I’m usually not much on foreign films, but Frozen Nazis Zombie sound like a good time to me.

2 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday – June 2, 2009”

  1. Damien says:

    Dead Snow looks like a massive LOLWTF fest – nazi zombies!

  2. Tara_Li says:

    Looking at the three titles – I’ve heard nothing about them. I had to check the filename on the destination link on Toy Story to find out that it’s Toy Story 3. Just a hair more information would have been nice.. I still have no idea what Twilight Saga: New Moon is supposed to be – is that another of the glittery elven vampires stories?

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