Science Round-up: Black Holes and Programmable Matter?

Order your T-1000

We may have programmable matter in our near future.

Update! Update! Update!

Betelgeuse may go nova

What was your worst vacation spot?

Astronomers have found the largest black hole yet, with 6.4 billion times the sun’s mass.

Couldn’t they name just one of these things the “Minnow” or the “Lollipop” or the “TitanUranus?”

Endeavour looks good for Saturday’s launch.

NASA closed all the windows and restarted

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter returns to work after its recent glitch.

Everybody talks about the weather….

Is this a new category of cloud?

Cosmic radiation doesn’t give you superpowers?

We also have this recent report on space travel and health.

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