Marvel instituted the option for retailers to pick up Captain America #600 today, Monday June 15, two days earlier than the usual Wednesday releases. A press release confirming fan speculation about the probable reasons why also hit today. It’s loaded with spoilers, so it’s coming below the cut.

So, which retailers get the issue early? The program was announced via e-mail on a Wednesday, and replies from retailers had to reach Marvel that Thursday. Therefore, participants are a voluntary group of people who checked e-mail on the busiest day of the week and noticed a chance for participation in an unprecendented program that would involve working the one day a week most “mom and pop” style comic shops are closed. Some who would have participated didn’t learn of the program until after the deadline, so check with your local retailer to be sure.

Last chance to avoid spoilers…

The press release confirms speculation that the “Reborn” series solicited with Ed Brubaker scripts and Bryan Hitch pencils is, in fact, a miniseries about the return of Steve Rogers, the original Captain America who died after Marvel’s Civil War.