Good Old Games has the Tex Murphy series

Good Old Games, a video game site focusing on older PC games has, on their new releases, the Tex Murphy series of adventure games, a series of Noir adventure games set in a post World War III San Francisco (sort of like Blade Runner meets the Continental Op, but significantly more tongue-in-cheek), that were originally put out by Wordplay.

As someone who has long enjoyed genre adventure games, I’m going to give these a try and will have reviews on the site once I’ve beaten the games.Note: For those who aren’t familar with Good Old Games, GOG’s thing is that digitally distribute older games with licences from the publisher – and they are distributed without DRM and optimized to work under Windows XP and Vista without fiddling. They also have the Sci-Fi adventure game “Beneath A Steel Sky” available for free, so you can try that out to see how well the software works out on your computer.

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