Ashley Judd NOT in “Star Trek: Nemesis”

Any information beyond the subject line is a
spoiler. You can read it on
if you like.
UPDATE: It appears it isn’t
true. Check out studmuffin’s comment for the

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  1. This is not true…

    Sorry to be the constant poster of corrections to rumors, but from the mouth of Weasley himself (Wil Wheaton):


    Now, as to this rumor: If she’s the future Mrs. Crusher, she certainly isn’t in any scenes with me. Wesley does get a little bumpy-bumpy (well, not really, but maybe you could imply it. If you squint.) but it sure isn’t from Robin Lefler.


    I think this is a joke that caught fire, and through the magic of the internet has taken on a life of it’s own.


    Link to source article

    (You need to log in to view this original, but I assure you it is cut/pasted directly)

    – Studmuffin

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