“The Simpsons” season 2 DVD delayed again

According to Amazon.com, the release of the
second season of The Simpsons on DVD was
pushed back again, and is now scheduled for
August 6.

4 replies on ““The Simpsons” season 2 DVD delayed again”

  1. Still Waiting
    Hmm, lotsa delays reported lately . . .

    However, having been hosed in the past buying copies of series before they’ve released all of ’em (Monthy Python’s Flying Circus, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, The Prisoner), I may end up waiting until the show is cancelled and I can buy a boxed set of all the series at once. Of course, in the case of the Simpsons, it’d be more like a refrigerator boxed set.

    • Re: Still Waiting
      No lie. If they’re getting ~$80-90 for a single season set(first one was a short season IIRC), I’d have to take out a freakin loan to buy a complete series set.

      Man, I can’t wait until Season 4 though. Them bad-boys will hardly leave the DVD.

      • Re: Still Waiting

        . . . getting ~$80-90 for a single season set . . .

        Lordy. All the more reason to wait for Homer’s Refrigerator (as I shall now christen the Compleat Simpsons): they might offer the whole set at a bulk discount. Like 80 gallons of cranberry juice.

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