Picks for the Fall 2009 Anime Season

The list of new anime series for the fall season on Japanese TV (they go in 4 seasons rather than 2 or 1 season per year like in the US), are now up. I’ll be putting the list below the cut (courtasy of OtakuDan.com), and my picks for the shows that interest me.


For the record – I don’t like the name of the site that OtakuDan got the listings from, but I can’t find the listings from anywhere else.  *sigh*.  Anyway, I clicking on the picture will get a more legible version of the listings – I just shrunk it down for page with purposes. On to my picks.

Will Watch:

  • Nogazawa Haruka No Himitsu: Purezza (Haruka Nogazawa’s Secret: Purity) – I loved season 1, and I particularly liked the fact that it was a romantic comedy series without a love triangle, and where the main couple got togeather at the end of the season.  I’m wondering where they’ll go from here, but if they were to move the show into something of a slice-of-life with Haruka & the male lead, Yuuto, being cute togeather, that’s okay too. What?
  • Shin Kohime Musou – For a fanservice show season 1 was pretty light on the fanservice, but I still found it kind of funny, and the fight scenes we got were kind of enjoyable.
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms – I like historical shows, and I like Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I’m definitely going to give this a shot.

May Watch:

  • Fairy Tail: I’ve heard very good things about the manga, which has a bit of a similar bent to the uncut version of One Piece. If I hear good things about the show, I’ll pick it up.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: I’ve seen some episodes of season 1, kind of liked what I saw, but never got around to finishign the season – but it still interested me. Once I get around to watching Season 1, if I like it, I’ll give this a try.
  • Jungle Emperor Leo: Basically, as part of the anniversary of Tezuka Productions they’re doing a spiritual remake/sequel to Kimba The White Lion. I’ve heard good things about Kimba the White Lion – but Tezuka himself was directly involved in that show. Tezuka is now long dead, and I’m not certain about how well this show will work.

Will Not Watch:

  • Queen’s Blade: I’ve heard numorous things about how really bad this show is – even for a fanservice show, and that the show didn’t particularly pick up towards the end (which makes me wonder why it got renewed, unless they bought two seasons worth out of the gate)
  • Inuyasha – Final Act: Not because I don’t like Inuyasha, but because this show is supposed to fill up the gap from where the first series ended to where the manga ended… and I haven’t watched the first series yet. So, I’m going to need to watch the first series first (and for the record, I saw the first 6 or so episodes of the first series, and liked what I saw – Rumiko Takahashi can do freakly character designs when she so chooses – and the demons in this show are appropriately creepy.)

So, for those people who do watch anime on the site, do any of these shows catch your eye? Do you agree with my choices or are there some of my choices you’d pass on?

7 replies on “Picks for the Fall 2009 Anime Season”

  1. Darker than Black Comet of Gemini

    Can’t put my finger on why but the original just rocked in my book.

    Inuyasha I am trying to catch up like mad so I can watch it….

    And for the “the wife will watch this one with me” nod I have to put Nogazawa Haruka No Himitsu: Purezza

  2. Armed Librarians could be interesting. The concept sounds similar to and seemed to work out ok for Read Or Die at the very least.

    For someone who normally despises a better portion of the High School Romance-Drama genre (yet somehow ate up Kimi ga Nozomu Eien like angst-covered candy go figure) I’ll probably be checking out Winter Sonata.

    As for the rest I’ll probably wait until I get a decent review from someone before dedicating any bandwidth (such as the first season of Haruka No Himitsu which is D/L’ing now).

    • Alas, we won’t be reviewing Fansubs here – at least not until they get licensed and get a stateside release.

      Oh, and I forgot to mention – Season 1 of a “A Certain Scientific Railgun” was titled “A Certain Magical Index”. My mistake.

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